Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Press Release 3 Cause Promotion (draft)

For Immediate Release

Want to live richly? Start now, Cache Valley knows how

February, 12, 2008

LOGAN, UT—The current economic situation is dismal to most. There are few people out there that see this as the prime time to invest. They currently invest in real estate, stocks, and bonds. They are members of a small association that was started by one cache valley resident Preston Parker.

The Cache Valley Investors Association was created in August 2007. The purpose for its creation is to promote financial education. The association president Preston Parker says "we see a need and fill it, that is our purpose."

The association currently meets every other thursday in the Cache Valley Chamber of Commerce. They start the meetings at 7pm. The building is located at 160 N. Main in Logan Utah. Currently there are forty members with about seven active members. Services and membership is currently free of charge.

The members a week before the meeting choose the topics. The goal of the group is to get their passive income high enough to live off of. If they can do this they will consider themselves wealthy. For more information visit: www.cvaia.com or e-mail cachevaia@gmail.com. Preston Parker can be contacted at four three five seven five seven four five six zero.


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Peter Burdych
Private PR Consultant

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Mark W. Taylor said...

I think it is a great press release. I believe that Cache Valley should be capitalized in the first paragraph. Other than that and a few formatting things, I think it is great.