Thursday, February 7, 2008

Press Release #2 (Final)


Feb. 8, 2008


GARY, IN –Jayne Petersen, 42, is a fitness guru to the stars. She is president and CEO of Looking Glass, Inc., a multi-million dollar fitness and health enterprise located in Burbank, Ca. Petersen, a native of Glendale, Wisconsin.

Opal Whitcomb, one of the most popular figures in the history of television, hired her in a neverending quest to lose weight. Petersen accomplished what no other fitness gurus had done, help Whitcomb lose 75 pounds and keep it off. She has appeared on Whitcomb's show more than a dozen times, preaching a message of moderation along with 20 minutes of walking per day. Women on her diet are allowed to eat whatever they want as long as that choice is only one of their meal items per day.

Now Burger Planet is teaming up with Jane to bring a new health menu to the quick service industry. "In the past year, we added white meat chicken breasts to our menu. We offer consumers the option to buy the chicken breast wrapped in lettuce in case they are on a low-carb diet. They also can ask us to hold the mayo for a calorie reduction of 500 calories. None of our other competitors offers a similar entrée” says Gerard DuBois, Burger Planet's top chef. He continued ""In the past year, we also added packets of apple slices to our menu. Indeed, consumers can purchase packets of five different types of fruit: apples, grapes, peaches, pineapple, or bananas. None of our other competitors offers fruit. And, finally, we added a new line of gourmet salads." I think that Burger Planet is taking big steps to provide healthy alternatives. These alternatives will hit the spot with the women I have and will help across the nation.

James E. Muellenbach III, 45, is a rising star in the corporate world. His grandfather James E. Muellenbach I founded Burger Planet in a tiny shed in Indianapolis, Indiana, and grew it into a corporation with 8,921 franchises Worldwide and 52 billion customers served and counting.

Burger Planet intends to resuscitate Corny's image by pairing him with fitness guru Jayne Petersen in advertisements and in health-conscious appearances at restaurants and shopping malls across the nation.

All you traditional eaters don’t worry we still have the regular menu and a full line of gourmet sodas.

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