Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Position Paper (Draft)

To: James E. Muellenbach III, and Members of the Board.

From: Peter Burdych, Mark Sanelli, and Joe Kimpel.

Re: The Company’s Position for Women ages 30-40.

The Public relations team has outlined the following goals for the company to have the greatest impact in reaching the audience of women between the ages of 30 to 40.

Offer a “figure minded” alternatives to traditional menu items.
Get them at a lower price.
Get someone within the demographic to endorse the product.

The recent development of healthy menu choices has gained the interest of women across the nation. They are finding that their former favorite restaurants like Burger Planet can now be their favorites once again.

The prices at which we are able to offer these products are a great advantage over competitors. Unlike others Burger Planet did not burn the bridges that it had with its fresh produce producers by manufacturing its supposed produce. This way we are able to give our customers fresh fruits and veggies without raising prices to far above cost.

Jayne Peterson likes the fact that we offer fresh fruit and vegetables in our snacks and salads for that reason she has agreed to partner with us to promote our new menu items. She has been a hit with the target audience ever since she helped Opal Whitcomb change her life.

By accomplish the above goals with the projected profits more than tripling the cost it sounds like a winner across the board.


The Public Relations Team


Mark W. Taylor said...

I think you have a great start to the paper. There are a number of grammatical errors and it could flow better in some places. Over-all I think you have a great start.

Jackson said...


At the beginning when you cite your 3 goals, I would end the preceding sentence with a colon rather than a period. Then, when you list your three goals, I would indent them or put a hyphen in front of them - anything to make them stand out. Other than that, good post.


Jessica Collett said...

Other than what has already been posted, it was a great length and professional!